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Evaluating an Argument-Chevy Volt Commericals

I watch too much television.  I come home from work, plop myself down in front of the television and absorb whatever it is the television gods guide me to see.  However, being the forever teacher, I always find myself analyzing the rhetoric of whatever it is I see.  While lounging on my couch thinking about my students’ struggle to evaluate the argument, lo and behold the television gods sent me a gem of a commercial.  Typically I just fast forward through commercials, but this one is striking and I have found myself watching it over and over again.  There are a variety of Chevy Volt commercials for a campaign titled “Happy Volt Owners.”  Below are two of my favorites. Read more

Close Reading Satire

Okay, I have a guilty confession.  I am a very naïve, gullible person.  I will fall for anything.  So when I was an 18-year-old and was assigned to read “A Modest Proposal,” of course I believed that Jonathon Swift was advocating the eating of children.  I mean, he is a writer.  He wouldn’t lie.  The next day in class I was admonished by my peers and teacher for my stupidity.  People couldn’t believe I was naïve enough to take the text at face value.  Read more