About Us


Where the Classroom Ends is the result of a long distance partnership between Emily and Aubrey .  Six years ago both women were first year teachers of AP Language and Composition and, how shall we say it, scared senseless.

What they both realized quickly was that their collaboration was more than just a partnership built out of necessity.  They liked each other. And that was a good thing because both of them turned out to have intense personalities inside and outside of the classroom.  They could be described as slightly dramatic. Emily about Ohio State Football (don’t cross her) and Aubrey about indie music (yes, she is a music snob).

Once they learned how to stop being so emphatic with each other, they realized that they shared similar beliefs when it came to rigorous curriculum that made use of technology, popular culture and current events.  What they determined was there was very little online that combined these three areas together into useful classroom tools. So, when they couldn’t google it, they collaborated. When Emily moved from Virginia to Chicago, the two did not cease collaborating.

Countless texts and emails later they realized that they were constructing a collection of new learning material that simply did not exist online.  Their successful personal collaboration encouraged them to apply and be accepted to such conferences as the Microsoft Innovative Educator Forum, the College Board Forum and the Conference on English Leadership Convention.  It was in preparation for these events that both educators recognized the shortage of practical websites dedicated to English lesson plans that advocated creativity and technology without sacrificing rigor and high expectations.  Both blog and website are a recognition of this void.


Aubrey teaches 11th grade English, AP Language and Composition and Advanced Composition (which is formal speak for the school’s writing center). She also works for Virginia Advanced Study Strategies and REACH as an AP consultant for student prep sessions.  She has been teaching since 2003. Outside the classroom she is an avid reader, baker (if only she could be as good as Ina Garten), sometimes runner, amateur gardener and dog wrangler.


Emily teaches 11th grade and AP Language and Composition.  Since entering the teaching profession in 2002, she has presented in a variety of contexts, has been an AP Reader, and has served as a standardized test scorer for Pearson Education.  She enjoys reading, watching cheesy movies, crafting, and canning/pickling the season’s most delectable fruits and vegetables.