This website has been founded by Stacy and Silvia, moms of two energetic boys who met since pre-school. Since they are both stay at home moms, they are very much focused in the studies of their two boys and have devised a lot of ways to make them learn the concepts being taught in school. They have both realized since before that the only way for their two boys to actually imbibe what’s being taught in school is to make learning fun for them.

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As such, they tried out creative strategies such as games, puzzles, coloring books, worksheets, videos and more in order to get their kids interested in learning. When other parents saw what they have done, they were very much inspired and kept on asking for more tips.

This is how Where The Classroom Ends started. Stacy and Silvia realized that other parents and their children can also benefit from what they have done for their two boys. As such, all of their strategies and lessons for their sons have been poured here in Where The Classroom Ends. They are both proud to say that this website is a labor of love. They also strongly encourage all parents to truly check out all the resources that are available here.

Please note that all the resources posted here at Where The Classroom Ends have been reviewed by external education experts and have been found to be fit for the specified grade level. Note however that the resources here are meant as enhancements and supplements to actual classroom learning. There is no intent by the owners of this website to supplement actual classroom learning with the materials that have been provided here.

We encourage you to contact us for any concerns regarding this website or any information provided here.