AP Annual Conference

We have updated our website to reflect information from our AP Annual presentation.  The resources can be found here after scrolling to the bottom of the page.

In the right hand margin you can search for texts or skills that might also be of use to your AP class.  As always, please email us with any questions or comments: admin@wheretheclassroomends.com


  1. Bobbi Pinkston says:

    You two were awesome today! Being a lover of all things blog-tumblr-twitter, I was pleasantly surprised that you went that direction and not schoology (whatever that is). I feel fairly certain that we are kindred spirits and that at least one of you would approve of my Kanye/Gatsby lesson plans (frightening to my colleagues/enlightening to my students: the best kinds of lesson plans, if I do say so myself!)

    Thanks for an awesome session and for this amaaazing website!

    Have a wonderful year!

    • Aubrey & Emily says:

      We are so happy you that you enjoyed the presentation. We love to talk about and teach with technology. We’d love to see your Kanye West lessons if you wouldn’t mind emailing us at admin@wheretheclassroomends.

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