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Hi there! Welcome to Where The Classroom Ends – your ultimate online source of academic materials and resources for the mastery of classroom lessons.

Here, we feature a lot of materials – reading enhancements, worksheets, coloring books, writing tests, puzzles, games and activities that you and your children can download. The entire point is to provide resources that will boost learning and education. This is perfect for kids while they are just sitting bored at home or even while they are playing inside your garage. Always have a professional come out and inspect your garage door before allowing kids to play in it. I would recommend these guys A1 Garage Door Service

Our resources are designed to provide loads of fun while stimulating the brain. Your kids are guaranteed to spend a lot of time just poring over our resources. It is also a great way for you to bond with your kids as we have resources that parents and children can do together. So, what are you waiting for? Explore our website now and find all of these materials. You can even get your child to help you choose which material he or she would like.

Our resources here are geared for children from grade school or elementary up to middle school. To know how to find the resources that are age or grade appropriate for your child, please refer to our categories below:

Pre-kindergarten up to 2nd grade

We have lots of games featured in this category that can help your kids practice their phonics and reading ability. We also have worksheets available to help them in their writing.

Kindergarten up to 3rd grade

Download our coloring pages and writing worksheets. We have lots of materials that even feature cartoon characters to make it even more engaging for your children.

Kindergarten up to 5th grade

At this stage, our focus is on enhancing the reading, writing and math skills of your child. Hence, you will be able to find lots of materials related to this in this particular category. We also have a lot of interactive materials available for this purpose.

Kindergarten up to 6th grade

Find more games and videos for your kids to enjoy. Plus, we have more downloadable worksheets here that you can download for more fun and learning.

Kindergarten up to 7th grade

In this category, we add on a lot of comic books and reading materials for kids to read and enjoy. Plus, our game under this category are more complex, with arcades and RPG.

Kindergarten up to 8th grade

Enhance your child’s motor, problem solving, math and creative skills with the games that we have available under this category. Download brainteasers, read jokes and trivia, solve puzzles and more. We are sure that your children will truly enjoy all the materials that we have carefully compiled here.

Aside from all of these resources, you can also benefit from the online tutorial services that we offer. We conduct online group tutorials as well as individual ones that are tailored to the needs of your child. What’s more, you can even discuss with fellow parents on the Forum section so that you can share experiences and learnings as well. Explore our website now.