Directions for Using Awesome Highlighter

Okay, now that you have pulled together a list of things for your students to read over Spring Break it’s time to start putting those texts into a format that can follow them anywhere they go, even if out of the country.  All your students need is internet access, which many of them have on their cell phones. 

Yesterday, I introduced you to Awesome Highlighter, an awesome resource for English teachers who want their students to read a text online while still engaging them in a close reading.  This website is extremely user-friendly and allows teachers to

  1. Select a website that contains the text or passage that has been assigned.
  2. Highlight directly on that website.
  3. Write notes directly on that website.
  4. Share the highlighted and annotated website with students by sending them an email or posting a URL supplied from Awesome Highlighter that takes students directly to the marked up version of the website

It’s ingenious.  Instead of just giving them a link with material to read, teachers can place questions and highlight passages for students to consider while reading.  Another plus is that you don’t have to register with the site to access its features and its free, two things that are unheard of in the land of online resources. 

The first thing is to go to the Awesome Highlighter website. 


Type in the URL of the website that contains the text for your students to read.  Click on “Highlight Page” and you will be directed to a meta-version of the website with the Awesome Highlighter tool bar at the top.  Move your cursor to the lines, phrases, or excerpts you would like to highlight.  Select the text and it will be highlighted for your students.  From there, you can double click on the highlighted text and add a note, question, or comment for your students to consult when reading. 


Then, at the top of the page, you’ll see Awesome Highlighter’s tool “done.”  Click on this and you will be given a URL to share with students.  When they click on the link provided from Awesome Highlighter it will take them to your highlighted version of the website.

It’s as simple as that.  No more waiting in line at the copier or having students say they couldn’t find their reading assignment.  Using Awesome Highlighter makes reading more accessible to students while still allowing the teacher the ability to share ideas to engage the reading.

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