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Stacy: Hi there! We hope that you enjoyed the resources that we have provided in this website. Can anyone share your experience with us in using any of the games, videos, worksheets, comics etc. that we have here?

Frieda: Hi Stacy! Oh, yeah, I’ve been using your resources a lot. I must say that everything has been quite helpful. I have a son who is in Grade 8. We started using this website about four years ago. We have downloaded a lot of the coloring books when he was younger and just recently, some puzzles and worksheets. My son has enjoyed spending a lot of hours just working on the materials that you have. And of course, watching the videos.

Stacy: Oh, that’s great. We are so happy that you find it helpful.

Frieda: Oh yes, thank you for such a great website.

Miriam: I agree with Frieda. You have started a really great website. I have two kids, a boy and a girl. They always love checking out Where The Classroom Ends for the latest games, videos and puzzles. They even like the trivia that you regularly release. I sincerely hope though that you will add more comics as it helps the kids practice their reading.

Stacy: Thank you Frieda and Miriam. And Miriam, your suggestion on adding more comics is well-noted. Check back soon for updates.