The Weekly Drill

Each week we will explore a common classroom practice.  Just keep in mind we are English teachers.  This means that we’re prone to reciting Whitman and extolling the virtues of Hemingway.  It also means that many of the posts will reference specific literature that can be partnered with the suggestions we’re offering. It doesn’t mean that these ideas are only practical for English teachers. You know, quite well, that teaching requires common practices across the curriculum.  We hope that all teachers might be able to use our research and tech posts. We also hope that you, our audience, might be able to find some use within your own classrooms that we can’t even begin to imagine.   So, with that in mind here is our weekly format.

Monday: We provide an overview of the topic.  We discuss what’s been done and some of the difficulty we’ve run into with these standard approaches.  We will try to be witty so that you’ll a) like us and b) keep checking the blog over the course of the week.

Example topics include but are not limited to:

  • Anticipation Guides
  • Annotating
  • Research & Current Events
  • Popular Culture (songs, images, blogs)


Tuesday-Thursday: We offer a suggestion each day (that would add up to three total–look English teachers can do simple math).  These suggestions will focus on how to modernize and reinvent the approach which means a focus on small group, classroom participation, popular culture, current events, you name it.  We’re big on the idea of not creating lessons that are just gimmicks.  We know how fun those tech gimmicks can be and we sometimes succumb, too.   However, we still want each suggestion to be something that engages students without losing rigor and skills application.

Friday: We offer up a reflection on which approach we like the most and why. Once again we will do our best to be concise.  We know you’re busy and probably have students who are demanding more education and homework if possible.

Saturday-Sunday:  Need a fresh idea?  A good story to spark classroom discussion?   During the weekend we’ll focus on specific websites, stories, blogs, technology, radio programs, etc. that we love with the hope of getting you to test them in your own classroom.  We’ll even have some guest bloggers from time to time.  Anything to keep you interest in updating elements of teaching.  We know how hard sometimes it can be to come up with good ideas and we want to help.

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