Presidential Speeches-Overview


Let’s be honest.  Most teachers would rank President’s Day as one of their top three holidays because it gives them a much needed day off from the doldrums of a dreary February.  However, President’s Day provides so much more than just a day to sleep in.  Taking a day to honor our presidents is also a day to honor

Presidential speeches are rife with rhetoric and superbly highlight skills that are essential to composition.  Through studying speeches, students are able to learn the importance of exigence and what leads writers to write.  They are also able to examine the role of the audience and the tactics presidents and speechwriters use to disable the opposing argument while appearing strong and powerful.  Through the subtle use of appeals, presidents are able to accomplish quite a lot through their speeches, making them emblematic of their presidency and iconic for the era.

Therefore, we are dedicating this week to presidential speeches that are mainstays in American culture, providing suggestions for teaching and highlighting moments of brightness.

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