QR Codes Part Deux: Week in Review

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                                      Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to discuss QR Codes revisited and Bring it On!

1.  Why is it so significant to choose tech for the classroom that can be used in a variety of ways?

Emily:  Students learn in different ways.  Providing flexibility in assignments, materials, texts, and technology is important to help students learn more effectively.

Aubrey: I think “flexible” tech provides teachers the ability to become experts.  Part of what scares all of us away from using technology in the classroom is whether or not we can use it again and again.  If the answer is no, I’ll never use this medium again why bother?  I want applications that can serve in a variety of capacities.

2.  Why is it important that we revisit past lessons we’ve share via www.wheretheclassroomends.com ?

Emily:  I think it is extremely important.  When working on a post I am often overwhelmed with everything I could incorporate.  As a result, there are many What does Emily say?weeks when I say to myself “I’ll just have to do another week of this topic.”  I think it is really important to revisit QR codes (and really anything technology based).  Technology keeps expanding and our knowledge of how to use it in the classroom keeps expanding.  It isn’t like teaching Shakespeare, which never changes.  Technology evolves so rapidly that we need to keep presenting ideas and ways to incorporate it into the classroom.

Aubrey: I feel the same way.  Revisiting areas of focus proves that culture, technology, current events–all of it plays a huge part in what shapes a humanities class is shaped.  I would be worried if we didn’t revisit ideas and lessons.

3.  Does the QR code enhance daily life?  Or, is it simply a detractor that provides too much extra and unnecessary information for the individual?

Emily:  It certainly makes things easier.  However, I don’t think they “provide too much extra and unnecessary information.”  Instead, my biggest fear with QR codes is just how easy it makes research.  QR codes make me curious about the ways in which students’ research abilities could be compromised.  Of course, this is years away and achieved through more things than just QR codes, but it is a long-term concern of mine.

Aubrey: Love it.  Don’t care if it provides me with too much information.  I want to know everything if only for a second.  Now, it is clear to me that after I look up this information I will immediately forget it and then be forced to look it up again later on.  This matters very little to me.  I need to know.



4.  Are QR codes just a fad?

Emily:  I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I do think they are a fad.  They keep popping in and out of trend reports.  I feel like they are seen more now but dwindled in use in the winter months.  I like the efficiency of them and think they are helpful in navigating directly to a page but just don’t know how lasting they are.

Actually I think they’re a fad too.  I’m fairly certain we won’t be talking about them in 10 years.  They are a fun little gadget and they’re good for directing students to material but I do find them somewhat ugly.

This week I’ve provided several model assignments focusing on student choice and QR codes.   Please participate in the model lesson  below.


Pop Culture via QR Codes

Please choose one of the QR codes below.  Review the material and construct a response that identifies the tone and big picture importance.  

Bring it on?

Choice #2


Choice #1






Emily:  I choose QR code #2:  Bring It On the Musical.  This play came to Chicago and I begged my friends to go with me.  They refused.  I am now What does Emily say?without the musical interludes of Torrence Shipman.  I will never forgive them for this.  I can’t focus on the tone because I’m blinded by how perfect the musical is.  It highlights the capitalistic nature of our society through the rise of a poor school being able to compete at Nationals.  Bring It On is the true American classic.  Bottom line.


Aubrey:  Hah!  I knew you’d choose two.  I on the other hand am much more interested in Adam Levine & Christina Aguilera’s feud.  Don’t tell anyone but I like to watch The Voice.  Usually in secret.  It’s shameful but there you have it.

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