Revitalized Poetry: Overview

O, poetry.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

We are now in the final week of National Poetry Month, something that some are relishing and others are loathing. 

However, regardless of your feelings toward poetry or an entire month dedicated to the promotion of poetry, stanzas and sonnets and scansion are part of our rhetoric as English teachers.  Our professional duty.  Teaching poetry is something we, as English teachers, are obliged to do.

Last week Aubrey provided great new resources to bring poetry instruction into the 21st century.  This week, I’m going to examine several widely used lessons on teaching poetry and provide suggestions on how to revamp and revitalize them.  While a lot of turn to several key lessons for poetry instruction (like drawing the poem and analyzing song lyrics as poems) these old standbys often don’t fully challenge our students or prepare them to fully analyze a challenging poem on their own.  However, these lessons do have a lot of potential.  This week I will be exploring three popular lessons for poetry instruction and will provide extensions or further activities to deepen student knowledge of the art that is poetry.

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