Rhetoric: Olympic Advertisments

The lengths to which I will go to watch Olympic coverage in my own house has become ridiculous.  As I crawl into bed, I still feel compelled to watch one more race, one more event, one more dive.  Perhaps it’s the competition or my own fascination with events like track cycling that glue me to the TV for hours. Whatever the reason, thank god they’re over.

Now please IOC don’t take this the wrong way.  I love the Olympics.  Truthfully. Synchronized swimming nose clips and all.  I’m just not sure that I could take many more of these late night rendezvous with Bob Costas.  His after 11 p.m. coverage was killing me.

And while I always watch the Olympics avidly for the events, there’s no denying the role of the commercials themselves.  Nike’s “Find Your Greatness” campaign was a jaw dropper.  And that’s of course where it gets interesting for any English teacher.  It’s not as if we don’t already look to commercials to  teach the elements of rhetoric or make students practice SOAPSTone. We do.  But teaching that plus the rhetoric of the Olympics.  Now that’s a bonus.

And since school has just started for so many of you, why not “wow” your new students by introducing rhetoric via Olympic advertisements?   My next post will highlight commercials that can be easily partnered with an introduction to rhetoric or used as part of an advertising unit.  Until then glory in the U.S. medal count and for goodness sake go to sleep.

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