Summer Reflection

You’ve done it.  You’ve made it to the end.  While kids get their report card valiantly displayed on the fridge, $5 for every “A,” or a gift for surviving the year, our gift is the summer.  The beautiful, glorious summer.  A time filled with sleeping in, relaxing, and finally getting to those doctor appointments we have put off until we had time. 

But let’s be honest.  Being a teacher is in our blood and we can’t just flip the switch and completely stop being a teacher.  So even though you might be on summer break relaxing, you’ll most likely also be reflecting.  Reflecting on what went well and what you would have changed.  You’ll begin thinking about what next year will look like and how you want to structure your class.  Will you try something new?  Will you just revise what you already have?  Will you completely re-haul your entire approach?  These are questions we all face as teachers and topics we will be exploring this week.  Instead of providing hands-on materials for use, we are going to pose questions and offer conceptual suggestions for next year. 

Always reflective, we hope that in your time to find yourself this summer you also take some time to find yourself as a teacher.  So settle in with an ice-cold lemonade and no bags under your eyes…it’s summer.

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