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Anticipation Guide: Day Three

This is an alternative to the “Four Corners” activity, one where students are asked to move to four corners of the room if they “strongly agree,” “agree,” “disagree,” or “strongly disagree” with belief statements read aloud.  Again, students are familiar with the format so, in an attempt to maintain the level of engagement but vary the approach, I turned the assignment into a gender analysis.  Read more

Anticipation Guide: Day Two

One of the most common ways of using an anticipation guide in an English classroom is to provide a series of belief statements that are aligned with the material and, most commonly, students are asked to respond to them by agreeing or disagreeing with the statements in some fashion (either by short answer, ranking, yes/no, moving to a location in the classroom, etc.).  Below is an example of the traditional anticipation guide I have used with To Kill a MockingbirdRead more