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QR Codes: Week in Review

              Friday Dialogue from             Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to assess their innermost feelings about helping students writing analysis. 

1.     What are your thoughts about cell phones in the classroom?
Emily:  As long as they aren’t  taking photos of me on their cell phones and then posting them on their Facebook page I don’t really care.  Cell phones are so prevalent that it is virtually impossible to stop them from using them in class.  Some of them can even text without pulling their phone out of their pocket.  That’s impressive.  I think they should be rewarded for their dexterity.

Aubrey: I think cell phones in the classroom can be useful but it has to be for more than just looking up facts about F.Scott Fitzgerald.  We have to monitor how they are used.  Otherwise all that crazy texting through your pocket makes me, well, crazy.  Here’s what I wonder.  What can you possibly have to text to people who  a).  you just saw and b). you spend every waking minute with?   I called my husband this morning on the phone after I just left the house and let’s just say the reminder I gave him was not well received.  And remember we are MARRIED.  When I imagine a world in which I text him as much as my students text each other I imagine a world in which I am no longer married to anyone. Read more