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Writing Analysis: Day One

I was such a silly, naïve teacher my first year.  In preparation of teaching The Crucible I had the great idea to do a simulation with my students.  I wanted to play the “telephone” game where you whisper a sentence to a person who repeats it to the next person, who repeats it to the next person, and so forth.  After everyone has heard the sentence the final person announces to the class the sentence he/she has heard.  My intention with this was to highlight how easily and quickly the truth can be distorted.  “This is going to be great,” I told myself.  “I’m a great teacher.”  So, wide-eyed and wrinkle-free I approached the day thinking I was the most inventive 22-year-old teacher ever.  Then, five students into the simulation, I heard snickering and began to think maybe a simulation wasn’t the greatest idea.  Then, fifteen students into the simulation when the snickering turned into raucous laughing I knew that asking students to whisper to a peer without any tracing back to the culprit was a horrible idea.

While I have learned not to endorse playing the “telephone” game with your students, I do think that the concept behind the Read more