Week in Review: Twitter

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                                      Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to discuss twitter, tweets and Demi Moore. 

1.  Do you believe Twitter is a useful classroom tool?  How would you like to see it used in the classroom?

Emily:  My biggest concern lies in teachers using it only as a vehicle for reader-response reactions (“tweet your reaction to this piece” or “respond to the topic in 140 characters or less”).  Those things are important in a classroom; however, I think the requirement to synthesize and condense an answer is so much more meaningful for students.  To me, the most important skill is being able to answer a complex question (typically necessitating a multi-sentence answer) into 140 characters.  That is Twitter in my dream educational setting.

Aubrey: I would agree.  I want to see if students can make complicated arguments concisely.  I think 140 characters holds them accountable.  I also think that they spend more time revising and reworking their tweets because of the 140 character box.  Such a feat cannot go unnoticed. Attention must be paid.

2.  Who do you follow on Twitter?

Emily:  I do subscribe to news sources like The Washington Post and The New York Times, sources that give me a nice overview of what is happening in the world; however, I love celebrities and primarily use this as an approved and accepted form of voyeurism!  I of course follow Chris Harrison of the Bachelor (he always writes good tweets during episodes!) and Kim K. However, my favorite Twitter-lebrity is Ocho Cinco (formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals, now with the team that shall not be mentioned).  His tweets are priceless.

Aubrey: I really like @Slate’s tweets.  But to be honest, I really want funny tweets.  I obsessively check @davepell, @idislikestephen and @nprmonkeysee. Those three always make me snort, laugh and learn.

3.  If you could have any Twitter handle what would it be?

Emily:  Hmm…this is tough.  Realistically, I wouldn’t want anything.  For me, it isn’t about tweeting.  It is about following.  Any suggestions?

Aubrey: Well in light of the conversations this week about whether or not Demi Moore should change her twitter handle from @mrskutcher and in light of Hemingway’s stellar track record with marriage it seems fairly obvious: @theonlymrshemingway.

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