Week in Review: Non Fiction to Pair with Coming of Age


           Friday Dialogue from                

                                      Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to discuss teen angst, Ugg boots, and coming of age novels.

1.)  Tuesday’s post links to George Will’s article that harshly criticizes teens for wearing denim. What clothing item that teens wear would you like to critically memorialize in your own op-ed?

Aubrey: Ugg boots. With skirts. And no tights. How is that a look? What does it say? I like to dress up but wear slipper moon boots? Ick.

Emily: I completely agree. What is with the skirt and boots? Isn’t the point of boots to wear them when it’s cold? Why wear a skirt when you’re cold? I also have another pet peeve. What is with boys wearing skin tight pants and bright neon shoes? I feel like an old lady but just don’t understand that look either.

2.)  Are teenagers narcissistic or are the people with the power to publish just old and crotchety?

Aubrey: A little bit of both? I’ll admit that teens worry about themselves too much. But that’s an issue of age and experience. I don’t think it’s a generational issue. Just watch Rebel Without a Cause. Those teens drag race, smoke and comb their hair way too much.

Emily: If anything I applaud their narcissism. When else can you be completely self-absorbed in your life? Maybe the people who are old and crotchety are jealous they are too responsible to be fully self-indulgent.


3.)  John Tierney argues that the music teenagers listen to today reveals they are narcissistic and sad. Challenge his claim with your love of teen “queen” Ke$ha.

Aubrey: I know that I’ve said this before, but anybody who wakes up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy isn’t narcassitic. Honestly, who wants to be P. Diddy? I mean maybe ten years ago but today if you’re going to be a true narcissist you’d have to wake up in the morning feeling like Kanye West.

Emily: I love P. Diddy, of Puff Daddy as I still like call him. However, while her music might not be narcissistic, it is certainly vile. That song is obnoxious. Who wants to brush their teeth with a bottle of jack?

4.)  Best coming of age novel? Worst coming of age novel?

Aubrey: The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao has to be the best I’ve read. Worst? Ask me after I teach The Catcher in the Rye for the tenth time in April.

Emily: I wasn’t a big fan of the book. I enjoyed Oscar but thought the narrative structure of the book wasn’t as cohesive as it could be. Also, I feel like a bad English teacher for saying this, but most of the coming of age novels in the canon are so whiney to me. I really dislike Catcher in the Rye and hate teaching Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird. The only one I really like is Lord of the Flies….and maybe Bridge to Terabithia!

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