Week in Review: Student Podcasts

           Friday Dialogue from                

                                      Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to discuss podcasts. 

1.)  If you were able to record a podcast, what would be the content/topic?  

Aubrey: It would be a program about food and drink in literature.  Perfect world?  We would cook/create the actual dishes, drinks, and dinners while we discussed their role within the text.  You would be my sous chef.  See my creative podcast ideas below.

  • A Light in August: Field peas with molasses might look better than toothpaste but ultimately you won’t enjoy either.
  • The Great Gatsby: Mint juleps might be tasty but they won’t keep you from realizing your marriage is a sham.
  • All the King’s Men: Real politicians don’t drink orange pop.

Emily:  I am no one’s sous chef.  Final answer.

2. Similarly, do you have a catchy title?

Aubrey: No.  But I think it should be something like the following: Food Problems are Your Problems.  

Emily:  What about something like Feed Your Read?  You have to fit reading somewhere into the title.

3. What podcasts do you think teens are listening to?  What podcasts do you think they should be listening to?

Aubrey: Do they listen to podcasts?  Is this something I’ve missed?  I think they should be listening to This American Life and Radiolab.  Those podcasts are so smart, sad, humorous and thoughtfully produced.  I’m in awe of the intelligence and creativity.  I also think that students could easily checkout ITunes Podcast of the Day on Twitter.  There’s always something interesting there.

Emily:  I think that if they are listening to a podcast they are probably listening to something that is skill-related (like guitar playing) or is mindless, like a comedy show.  Adam Carolla is continually on the top ten list and, other than my brother, I can’t imagine who else listens to comedy podcasts

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