Week in Review: What’s In and Out for 2012

           Friday Dialogue from                

                                      Your Two Favorite Educators 

As Emily and Aubrey look back over the week they use their razor sharp wit to predict what is in and what is out for 2012 in the English classroom….and Katy Perry?  

1.)  What is one trend in education  from 2011 that you wish would expire in 2012?

Aubrey: Talking about social media as if it’s a new classroom tool.  It’s part of a competent teacher’s arsenal of tools and has been for several years.  

Emily:  I completely agree.  If I have to sit in on one more professional development “opportunity” that hails social media as the next big thing in education I will go crazy.  I love social media and absolutely think it has a place in the classroom.  I wouldn’t even mind sitting in on PD opportunities that provide suggestions on practical implementation; however, don’t try to sell us on social media.  We get it.  It’s good.  Not new, but good.

2.)  What is one trend in ______ from 2011 that you wish would expire in 2012?  Fill in the blank with whatever you’d like:  fashion, pop culture, Arby’s sandwiches, etc.

Aubrey: Talking about Kim Kardashian.  I would really, really like that to be finished.  I would however not like to replace it with any of the following: talking about Katy Perry & Russell Brand’s divorce, talking about Beyonce’s pregnancy and/or talking about Oprah’s Next Chapter.  

Emily:  Really?  Because I could still talk about Beyonce and Katy Perry’s divorce.  Both are too new.  I am sick of talking about Kim Kardashian.  I’m not sick of watching their show though and laughing at every time Kris Humphries basically calls her a cry baby to her face.  The biggest mistake in their break up was that she finally had someone telling her how annoying she really is. 

And really?  You don’t want to talk about Arby’s?  Their curly fries?  Their Beef ‘N Cheddars? 

No?  Okay…fine.

3.)  You know I love your book suggestions.  Who is one author or one literary style that you think will be in style for 2012?  

Aubrey: This is a hard question to answer.  I want everything by Denis Johnson to be in style for every year.

Emily:  Puke.  Denis Johnson.  Tree of Smoke was probably my least favorite book of the year it was “critically acclaimed.”  I’m dying to read Philip Roth’s Nemesis.  I love him and his writing.

4.) On average, how many pounds of paper do you think English teachers carry back and forth every year?  On average, how many pounds of paper do you think P.E. teachers carry back and forth every year?

Aubrey: Answering this question upsets me not because of P.E. teachers but because of myself.  I think most English teachers struggle to sort out workload. We do it to ourselves. It also makes me angry because I hurt myself by carrying a milk crate home once of papers and composition notebooks.  I mean seriously hurt myself.  I couldn’t sleep comfortably for days.  

Emily:  Milk crate?  I always use copy boxes.  Sometimes, if it is a light week, I only need a copy box lid.  I’m startling to blame my lower back problems on the amount of papers I lug around.  It’s not my 2.5 hour drive every day.  It is the paper load.








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