Weekend Tech: Krulwich Wonders

I suspect it’s more than likely the tagline of “An NPR Sciency Blog” is what originally made me stop clicking and start reading.  Whatever the original reason, I’m hooked, and as a result I religiously read Krulwich Wonders one of National Public Radio’s blogs.  I’m not particularly drawn to science, and the sheer complexity of scientific thought causes me a middle school like anxiety but Robert Krulwich is different.  He takes science and makes it fun.  Really Fun.

The posts are smart, funny and intensely interesting.  Personally, any writing that mixes intellect with humor is a win.  Now if that were it, you could bookmark his page and hope that perhaps on a bad teaching day, you’d open it up and read something that offered you some fresh insight or stretched your brain a bit.  But what’s great about Krulwich is that several times a week he offers up stunning commentary on culture, technology, language AND science.

Properly educating students today necessitates lessons in media literacy.  This “sciency” author offers a remarkably engaging way to discuss blog credibility, importance, and use.  It helps to have a “blogger” who is incredibly articulate and witty.  His posts alone could be printed and used for teaching annotation, identifying the rhetoric of humor or argument analysis.  But that would be only a starting point.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about some of my favorite posts from the last several months and how to partner them with skills and texts.  But let me give you a sneak peek of some of the ground I’ll cover:

  1. Current Events Writing & Research Assignments
  2. Orwell’s 1984 & Krulwich’s Technology/Science Posts
  3. Crafting Language for Convincing Argumentation
  4. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close & posts on invention

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