Weekend Tech: NBA Lockout

Many online news sources participate in weekly Q & As.  I often find myself saddened by the fact that I never seem to have the time to include myself in the conversation.  I sadly console myself, however, with the archived texts.  These Q & As are valuable resources for discussing ethos/logos and authorial voice.  I find that students struggle to understand and identify these.

Since Q & As are short exchanges everything must be condensed.  It gives students a great opportunity to examine how “discussion leaders,” even when prodded, stay on task and logical.  Have students read, write, or discuss.  You could easily treat each question and answer as a short passage.  You can also have students examine the angrier language used in the questions versus the even responses of the answers.  Below are some screenshots from the Q & A with Scott Rosner at The Washington Post this week on the topic of (what else) the NBA Lockout.


Using Online Q & As

Example #1


Example #2







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