Welcome Back

Guess who’s back?

No, not just a new school year.  Your favorite resource for teaching English is back.

Like many of you I am dreading setting an alarm clock but am looking forward to reconnecting with my students and getting back into a routine.  I start school in August with a new year resolution.  This year I am striving to not spend hours at home on the computer revising lessons.  To do this, I have decided that I need to leave my battery pack at school every day.  I’m hoping that this will keep my work at home to only the most essential and allow me more time to treat myself to bad television.  As a blog, we hope to continue to inspire you to try new things and revise old favorites, to think about the needs of your students, while also thinking of your needs as a teacher, and, above all things, that you don’t work harder, but work smarter.

While we are celebrating our year anniversary of blog writing, we are also thinking about the future of the blog and are making some big changes.  One thing you will notice is that instead of writing five days a week we will instead be composing1-2 posts per week on a given topic.  What this means to you is that our posts might be a little longer, but they will be much more focused and concentrated on the strategy. We hope that this gives substance and specificity, making it easier for you to find exactly what you need to help you.

Tomorrow I will be posting a unique way to start the year with a close reading of a passage that leads into a “get to know” activity.

Happy back to school! May your first week be filled with freshly sharpened pencils and eyes eager to read.


  1. Laura L says:

    So happy to have year start with my favorite blog. I start school (with kids) tomorrow. I am happy to have a lesson where I don’t drone on and one. Thank you! LL

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