What’s In and Out: Overview

As you saw from our post last week, we love the end of the year because of all the material that exists.  In fact, I typically store up my book requests until the end of the year when the “Best Of…” lists emerge.  However, we also love the “What’s In and What’s Out” lists that invade everything from politics to pop culture.  These serve as the barometer of what’s cool and what isn’t and become my guidebook in my vain attempt to be socially accepted—but don’t fret, I won’t resort to bangs just because Washington Post says so.    

It has been a tumultuous year and education has not been a stranger to vast change, especially in regards to policy.  Yet, curriculum and instruction has also undergone a variety of changes.  Technology has made teaching so much more accessible, creative, engaging, and critical.  In fact, technology is what has governed much of the curricular trends of the coming year.  So, wheretheclassroomends.com is constructing our own list of what is in and out for 2012.  Each day will profile a traditional medium and its more contemporary and technological companion for the new year.


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